Big Games Inc.

House Rules

1. Only registered players are allowed to play. All persons allowed entry are obliged to observe all the rules and regulations
prescribed by the management.
2. Persons below twenty (21) years old or students of any school, college or university in the Philippines are not allowed to
play in the gaming site. The following are not allowed to enter, stay and/or play in the gaming site:
a) Public officials, which includes elective and appointive officials and employees, permanent
or temporary, whether in the career or non-career service, whether or not they receive compensation,
regardless of amount; and,

b) Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
3. Officials and employees of PAGCOR are not allowed to enter and stay, except for official business purposes. Officials and
employees of PAGCOR are prohibited to play.
4. Spouse, common-law partner, children, parents of public officials, members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including
the Army, Navy, Air Force or Philippine National Police, and PAGCOR officials and employees shall be banned from playing as well.
5. Gaming site Operators and employees are prohibited to play.
6. Management reserves the right to deny entry to any person. Management shall only allow entry to legitimate players who will
play or are actually playing in the gaming site. There shall be no other transactions other than for legitimate gaming purposes.
7. Players shall be held liable for any breakage or damage done, whether intentionally or unintentionally, on the machines/terminals
and/or equipment.
8. Bystanders are prohibited outside the gaming site area and within the gaming site areas.
9. Firearms or deadly weapons are strictly prohibited inside the gaming site.
10. No Cash, No Play.
11. Limit to Playing Time: No customer is allowed to play and remain in the gaming site for more than six (6) hours.
12. Before placing a bet or start of each game, the Player shall be responsible for reading and understanding the following:
a) House Rules – posted within the premises; and,
b) Game Rules and Mechanics.
13. The Player shall be fully aware that there is risk of losing credit or money by placing a bet and/or participating in electronic
games/bingo games.
14. PAGCOR may suspend or cancel certain online games/game programs without prior notice.
15. Management is not responsible for loss of any betting credits left in the electronic gaming terminals/electronic bingo machine.
16. Encashment of all winnings/prizes shall be honored until closing time of the current trading day in which the initial cash-in was
made, for electronic bingo games.
17. Any system or machine malfunction voids all plays and pays.
18. In the event of technical malfunction and the electronic bingo machine does not dispense receipt, said credit shall be cashed-in
and paid only upon management’s verification of the correct credit amount.
19. Electronic games and electronic bingo games are subject to change without prior notice.
20. In case of dispute or discrepancy, the management shall have the final decision upon proper consultation with the PAGCOR
Representative, if any, assigned in the gaming site in a manner deemed fairest to all concerned and that the decision shall be
binding to all Players.
21. Minimum buy-in of one thousand pesos (PhP1,000.00) upon registration with succeeding re-load at a minimum of one hundred
pesos (PhP100.00) shall be required in gaming sites for electronic games.