Big Games Inc.


  • How much is the minimum load?

The minimum load required to play in PEGS is P1,000.  Ask for a deposit slip from any gaming assistant in the site and hand the cash to the GA and he will hand the money to the cashier. The Cashier will then load the corresponding amount to your terminal so you can continue playing. We also have VIP rooms where the minimum load is P5,000.  If your load has been used up or becomes insufficient for play, you can always reload again.

You will get a better playing experience in our VIP rooms, plus you can automatically avail of our loyalty card.

  • What games can be played? How do I play these games?

PEGS offers an extensive range of casino games: table/card games, slot machines, video poker; each of which having several varieties. To

date, there are more than 120 RTG games available in a PEGS Café.

  • How do I bet? How much is the minimum/maximum bet?

Each game has its own icon where bets can be assigned and placed. Minimum and maximum amount of bets, on the other hand, vary from one game to another.

  • How do I know if I won?

For table games: After the cards are dealt, the program announces who wins for that round. The amount of payout will also be announced after the results are revealed.

For slots: After the all the reels have fallen and the resulting combination/pattern of symbols has appeared, the corresponding payout for each pay line that you have hit will flash before you spin for a new round. This usually appears on the upper-right side of the screen.

  • Can I switch from one game to another?

Yes, you just click the exit sign for  the game you’re playing. Then, go to the game menu before and after and select the game that you want to play. Your current playing balance from the last game that you played will still be your playing balance when you play the new game.

  • How will I redeem my money?

You can claim your playing balance anytime: just call fill up and sign the withdrawal slip and give it to a gaming assistant and inform him that you want to cash out or redeem. In turn, you need to stop playing and exit the game. The Cashier will end your session and redeem your remaining balance, which the GA will then give to you.

  • What games are usually played?

Slots are the most popular games among the players.

  • How do I know that the system is fair?

PAGCOR ensures that PEGS uses a fair, secure and user-friendly betting system. All programs used in the PEGS have passed the inspections made by PAGCOR before they are put into use.